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By leveraging the power of AI with human intuition, we have developed a groundbreaking surveillance model featuring a mixed intelligence approach.
Our unique application harnesses both artificial and real-time verification to produce an unmatched false alarm filter capable of identifying imminent threats and harmless events.

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promiseQ partner security companies and monitoring agencies benefit from technology designed to improve response times while saving time and money. We enable teams to respond quicker than ever before by automatically analyzing thousands of inputs and events from multiple systems simultaneously.

What we offer our partners

Deep Learning Algorithm

Equipped with cutting-edge AI, promiseQ’s security model can accurately detect a myriad of potential risks at high speeds. Its deep learning capabilities allow for efficient protection and analysis across thousands of events.

Human Review Assistance

By leveraging the power of human verification, we can quickly and accurately label large amounts of video data to train machine learning models for better false alarm detection.

Multi-System Capabilities

Security professionals can utilize advanced analytics and privacy protection features across multiple surveillance systems. Our seamless integration with VMS, AMS and Video Edge solutions provides an unobstructed view of their environments for ultimate safety.

Redaction & Masking Capabilities

Security and privacy are two important priorities in today's digital world, which is why our video surveillance AI now offers powerful masking, face, and license plate redaction capabilities. Customize your monitoring and protect your data.

Human Identification

Our AI threat detection uses the latest technology to perceive people in the video footage, providing you with excellent accuracy and protection.

Vehicle Recognition

promiseQ’s AI can recognize vehicles quickly and accurately, all while ensuring that license plates remain private if necessary through our redaction features.

Over-The-Air Updates

promiseQ updates allow for seamless and convenient updates. Through regular software enhancements, we are continuously improving the customer security capabilities and the functionality of devices by providing patches and bug fixes.

Camera Healthcheck

We provide partners with a comprehensive camera healthcheck. This feature allows for proactive monitoring of camera performance and can detect issues such as image quality degradation, lens misalignment, and connection problems.

Intelligent Insights

Our cutting-edge surveillance system provides insightful analytics, metadata, and powerful access control measures, giving you the ability to monitor activity like never before.

Live Streaming

Our state-of-the-art camera streaming feature lets you safeguard your infrastructure from wherever you are in the world. Keep an eye on what matters most, anytime and anywhere.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with a diverse group of partners who share our commitment to safety and security. By collaborating with leading companies in the technology and security industries, we are able to offer our customers the most advanced and comprehensive video surveillance solutions available. Our partners also benefit from having access to the latest promiseQ technology.

Video Management System

Accellence has developed EBÜS, a comprehensive video management solution that goes beyond displaying images from commercially available video systems. In addition to providing image display, EBÜS offers a range of functions including alarm reception, control, audio (announcements and intercom), research, analysis, and documentation.


Canadian company Genetic provides security and public safety solutions around the world. It is one of the fastest growing access control software manufacturers. The company's flagship product is Security Center, an open-architecture platform that integrates IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems.


Hikvision is a leading global technology company that specializes in video surveillance equipment and software. The company offers a wide range of products, including security cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), digital video recorders (DVRs), video encoders/decoders, and other related products and accessories.

Alarm Management System

INSOCAM produces the AM/Win hazard management system, which has proven effective in emergency and service control centers. The flexible AM/Win system is modular and caters to the various business processes of security service providers.

Dr. Pfau Fernwirktechnik GmbH

Dr. Pfau Fernwirktechnik GmbH is a German company that focuses on designing and manufacturing remote control technology and automation systems. Their product line includes LISA, a control center management system, along with other offerings such as remote control units, network technology, and power supply systems.

Sitasys AG

The Swiss firm develops innovative alarm management solutions, best in class finger-print identification and secure train communication. Sitasys' evalink is an integrated security solution ecosystem. This innovative platform enables clients to connect their operations with a highly automated, fully managed alarm management system.

Security Platforms

Ajax Systems produces smart security systems and sensors. The company's product line includes wireless sensors for detecting the opening of windows and doors, as well as motion sensors.

Security Robotics

Security Robotics offers tailored automated security solutions to meet the specific requirements of the largest manufacturers and security companies in Germany. With a selection of robots and technologies from renowned brands such as SMP Robotics, Boston Dynamics, and PromoBot, Security Robotics delivers a comprehensive range of security options. Additionally, their centralized platform seamlessly helps partners manage these technologies, enabling them to integrate Security Robotics products with important infrastructure.


We are a video surveillance company that serves companies throughout Germany and beyond. Our primary focus is to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of video surveillance alarm detections. We achieve this through a combination of cutting-edge machine learning recognition and human verification processes. Our flagship future-proofing product, Threat Detect, is available in two distinct versions to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Threat Detect Classic: This version harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively eliminate up to 90% of false alarms. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Threat Detect Classic significantly reduces the burden of dealing with erroneous alarm instances, allowing your security team to focus on genuine threats. Threat Detect Premium: For the utmost precision in video surveillance, we offer Threat Detect Premium. This version combines the capabilities of AI-driven detection with human review. By integrating human expertise into the process, Threat Detect Premium achieves an impressive 98% reduction in false alarm instances. This means that nearly all erroneous alerts are filtered out, ensuring that your security team is alerted only to genuinely concerning situations. At promiseQ, our commitment is to provide rapid and precise decisions when it comes to video surveillance alarm detections. We understand the importance of security in today's world, and our solutions are designed to offer peace of mind to our clients by significantly minimizing the distractions caused by false alarms. No matter the industry, our innovative technology is here to enhance your security efforts.

Human Review is an innovative way to combine human insight and technical capabilities, leveraging the best aspects of both in intelligent automation. Through this approach, the promiseQ hybrid AI is able to provide accurate analysis at high speed while our global verification team can provide valuable feedback on performance improvement opportunities.

This offers substantial potential for organizations as it allows them greater control and the ability to unlock insights into deep learning whilst optimizing operations with automated decision making.

We work with companies in the security business. But the promiseQ AI advantages have the ability to benefit almost any industry partner that is concerned about safety, security, accuracy, and costs. Our technology is multi-purpose and integrates with the best video surveillance management systems. Already our partners are experiencing a reduction in costs of up to 80%.

Our system currently supports the following technologies: RTSP, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SIA-DC09, API, HikCentral Professional, Genetec, and evalink.

Our AI identifies the difference between genuine danger and false alarms in an instant – no more waiting, wondering or worrying.

Implementation is dependent on the security system. For standard interfaces, Threat Detect can be set up within a matter of minutes.

We design our products and processes according to the highest data protection and market standards. For example, Threat Detect makes use of advanced face and license plate redaction.

We are also committed to adhering to the highest privacy standards as outlined by GDPR to ensure the safety of your data. We have also carried out thorough DSGVO audits in collaboration with our partner DSB DataGuard.

Unique in the video analytics industry, the promiseQ Threat Detect premium package grants you 100% insurance protection, significantly above the recommended industry standards

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