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promiseQ provides a fully distributed, on-demand human verification service in real-time to enable AI companies to maximize the precision of their algorithms in production.

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Our Solutions

Human-Powered Real Time Assessments

Any Image Processing Related Event can be Reviewed in Real-Time by Online Workers via our easy-to-use RestAPI to the promiseQ Cloud.

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Intruder Detection BETA

promiseQ Intruder Detection BETA is the AI based video analytics solution for intrusion detection. It allows to detect intruders in the field of view of the camera. promiseQ Intruder Detection BETA can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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False Alarm Filter Agent BETA

promiseQ False Alarm Filter Agent BETA is a cloud-based video analytics solution for false alarms. It allows to filter false alarms caused by an intruder or perimeter detection SW that is already running on the customers device. This app receives alarm events, evaluates them and filters false alarms.

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Modern CCTV Cameras utilize algorithms to recognize humans, vehicles or objects. They send alerts if they detect e.g. a trespasser in a restricted area. promiseQ helps minimizing False Alarm Rates with Realtime Human Computing.


Smart production monitoring is a crucial activity in manufacturing. Monitoring Systems aim to detect anomalies and trends with the help of image processing. promiseQ helps maximize efficiency on the shop floor by Human-Powered Realtime Verification.

Artificial Intelligence

AI software focuses on creating intelligent problem-solving solutions. It includes object recognition and problem-solving that can aid or even replace human engagement in a process. promiseQ helps by training and validating your algorithms in Realtime.