Easily eliminate 99% of false alarms.

promiseQ utilizes machine learning recognition and human verification to provide accurate and fast decisions on alarm detections.

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Advanced real-time video security analysis that minimizes cost associated to false-alarms.
HOW promiseQ works

Filtering through each alarm detection, the software eliminates most detections and sends for human crowd sourcing verification only when required. promiseQ uses advanced machine learning and cloud-based video analytics/algorithms so that you will not have to waste time and money on false alarms.

HOW promiseQ connects

promiseQ integrates with your existing Security & Safety Things OS surveillance system. Simply download the *app and allow promiseQ reduce the amount of false alarms.

promiseQ intrusion detection software has the highest level of false-alarm reductions in the industry.
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Download the app and enjoy 30 days of enhanced alarm detection.

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Explore how promiseQ can help you to improve your KPIs
Improve your margins with promiseQ as part of your solution portfolio
  • Use latest technology to increase customer satisfaction
  • No hardware update required: Improve customer retention offering remote updates
  • Reduce your own cost for false-alarm management
Reduce your operating cost through increased operator efficiency and easy-to-implement technology
  • Eliminate 99% of false-alarms before they are reviewed by operators to provide more time to verify and solve true-alarms
  • Increase operator motivation, and efficiency while reducing errors caused by an unwanted influx of false-alarms
Increase your security levels to better protect what is important to you
  • Instantly upgrade your existing systems without new hardware through over-the-air software installation
  • Benefit from constantly improving promiseQ engine
  • Reduce time-to-action in case of true-alarms freeing up operator capacities
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We believe AI will take over most of repetititve and simple tasks in future and will grow to be very reliable and secure. However, the last 1% precision and accuracy will always stay challenging - especially in time and security critical tasks. With 4.5B internet users, rising unemployment, importance of remote, on-demand work and the advances in modern web-technology, we believe we can deliver the last percent accuracy through realtime human computing for all AI appliances across all industries and help fight poverty across the globe.

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